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Alberta Showcase 2020

📅 When:

Where: Fort Saskatchewan, AB, Canada

💼 Organizer: Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta

💲 Application Fee: $65.00 CAD
$55.00 for AB-based Performers (Application Fee subject to 5% tax)

Deadline: (11:59 pm MT)

Contact Info


Kennedy Jenson


11759 Groat Rd,
Edmonton, AB
Canada T5M 3K6



Now in its 43rd year, Alberta Showcase brings touring artists together with community presenters searching for artists for special events, concert and performance series, and community celebrations. It is three days of showcasing the top performance artists interested in touring Alberta, that will inspire you!

Every October the Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta brings together presenters from across Alberta who are searching for performing artists who will tour in their communities. Many of the soft-seat presenters offer subscription series. Some are simply cafes with one-off concerts and events. They are looking for a diverse, challenging line-up of artists with broad audience appeal. Alberta Showcase 2020 will take place October 22-25 at the Shell Theatre in the Dow Centennial Centre in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta (just 30 minutes north of Edmonton). All applications are reviewed by a jury of presenters, performers, and promoters, and the top applicants are selected to showcase over the weekend.

Conference Overview

Performing artists need live audiences.
Presenters need performing artists for their audiences.
Presenters do not always have the opportunity to see performing artists from other parts of the province or the country.

That’s where Alberta Showcase comes in.

Each year Alberta Showcase brings together presenters, performers, and promoters for one jam-packed weekend of live performances. This explosive event allows presenters and promoters to see performances before they book the artists. Showcase also allows musicians the exciting and effective opportunity to perform for an entire provincial presenting network at once.

Over 40 artists will perform their best work in a 15 minute showcase throughout the weekend. Presenters will have the opportunity to meet these performing artists in our Exhibition Hall, a trade fair where the business of the art happens.

The second greatest advantage of the weekend is networking – second only to seeing and meeting artists. The conference is bursting with discussions about common concerns, creative solutions, and the seeds of collaboration.

Alberta Showcase offers opportunities for regional and disciplinary meetings with your colleagues as well as workshops and information sessions.

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Showcase Provisions


  • The Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta will prepare a lighting plot based upon the requirements of the artists sharing the stage. At the very least there will be a basic “house plot” providing warm and cool washes from the front, back and side. Black traveller is supplied. The Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta will strive to present each showcase in its best light.


  • Our goal, is to provide the best showcase possible. However, please be advised that the venue has limited equipment (the basics).
  • The equipment list you have provided us is a guide only. We will attempt to meet your needs as requested. We reserve the right to substitute equipment as required.
  • If a number of requests for exactly the same equipment come in we will most likely provide it at our cost. You will be informed if you will not be required to provide the equipment.

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Showcase Criteria

Audio and Video submissions should reflect the proposed performance, be of good audio and video quality, and load quickly over a wifi connection.

  • The submitted video should be a good quality recording of your live performance ensuring clear visual and audio footage. A highly polished production video doesn’t really help us a lot. We’re really looking for what your live performance is going to look and sound like.
  • Supplementary audio submissions from studio recordings are fine, but the primary purpose of Alberta Showcase is live performance.
  • Public or Unlisted video links via Youtube work best for video submissions.
  • Private and High Quality videos don’t always load, which can lead to an application being dismissed as incomplete or scored poorly.

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Terms & Conditions

No incomplete applications will be considered. Submission constitutes acceptance and acknowledgement of the following terms and conditions of applying for and/or accepting a Juried Showcase slot at Alberta Showcase. The application does not represent a commitment by Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta to provide a showcase.

If selected for showcasing: stage and production equipment are the responsibility and control of Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta. The sound system will be provided by Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta, and will be scaled to the location used and reasonable requirements of the attraction. Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta will have absolute control over this system, including overall volume levels and front of house personnel control (ie. sound engineer) at the discretion of the technical director.

Confirmation must be received within 7 days of offer to showcase.

All confirmed showcase performers must be an Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta Member ($90 + 5%GST = $94.50 CAD) and must purchase one Exhibitor Conference Registration ($375 + 5% GST = $393.75 CAD). As an Exhibitor, you will be provided with a booth in the Exhibition Hall but you must supply a representative (manager or otherwise) to be at that booth during all open Exhibition Hall hours.  No promotional materials may be posted on any walls.

Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta assumes no responsibility for costs associated with showcasing. Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta reserves the right to use showcasing artists submitted images and content for the promotion of Alberta Showcase.

If a selected act is unable to appear, no substitutions will be permitted for its showcase performance. The selection committee will establish a list of alternates from the original applications based on the next highest score achieved. Cancellation by an agent or promoter does not guarantee that agent/promoter the opportunity to fill the vacant showcase.

Artists who showcased within the last FIVE years are ineligible to apply. For example, if an artist performed at Alberta Showcase in 2016 they would not be able to submit an application until 2021.

All fees are non-refundable.

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