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Where: Regina, SK, Canada

💼 Organizer: OSAC

💲 Application Fee: $60.00 CAD
$40.00 for SK-based Performers $10.00 Early-Bird discount (if paid by May 5, 2020 - 11:59 pm MT) (Application Fee subject to 5% tax)

Deadline: (11:59 pm MT)

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Skip Taylor


1102 8th Avenue,
Regina, SK
Canada S4R 1C9





**Early-bird pricing was been extended for all applicants**

Each October, the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils presents its annual Showcase Conference. OSAC Showcase is a booking conference for visual and performing arts, and includes a trade show area (Exhibitor Exchange), opportunities for networking, and professional development. OSAC is pleased to offer the very best of performing and visual talent from Saskatchewan, across Canada and internationally.
Artists come to Showcase from across Saskatchewan, Canada, and the United States. The weekend includes performing arts and school presenters, visual artists, managers, agents, OSAC Members, industry representatives, and government funding partners.
Showcase 2020 will be held in Regina, Saskatchewan, October 16-18, 2020!
Performing Arts Showcases are 20 minutes long. There are 14 showcases, juried and curated, and all performances will be held at the Regina Performing Arts Centre, Friday, October 16th and Saturday, October 17th. The host hotel is the Regina Ramada Plaza.

Conference Overview

Video Tutorials on filling out the application are available here.
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Showcase Provisions

The sound system at Showcase will be provided by OSAC and will be scaled to the location used. OSAC will have absolute control over this system, including overall volume levels. Each showcasing act will have a 30-40 minute technical rehearsal in the Showcase venue on the same day as your performance. OSAC will have a Grand Piano as well as basic backline requirements (guitar amps, bass rig, drumkit, etc). Showcasing artists must supply specialty technical equipment. As this is a showcase situation, best efforts will be made to provide you the technical equipment you require however specific brand and types of amps etc. cannot be guaranteed.

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Showcase Criteria

It is recommended you view our video tutorials for filling out the application.
Video Tutorials YouTube Playlist

Successful OSAC Showcase applicants are selected by a jury process. The jury is instructed to base its decisions on the quality of performance, professionalism, marketability and fee structure as well as the impact on the audience. It is essential that the materials provided to the jury reflect the quality and impact of the artist's work.
We expect that the artist will be prepared to showcase a performance as stated in the application. Application materials should reflect the configuration you plan to tour. Any changes must be pre-approved. The jury carefully considers the final applications and programming to give the best opportunity to all of the showcasing artists. Changes in format may not work to your benefit. All showcases must reflect the performance to be toured. You cannot showcase as a 4 piece band and then tour as a 2 piece.

OSAC Community Concerts(Stars for Saskatchewan)
This application is for touring in Saskatchewan communities. Performances are geared primarily for adults but are family friendly, 90 minutes in length (plus an intermission) scheduled generally in the evening.

OSAC All Inclusive Pricing - Important
OSAC operates in small communities throughout Saskatchewan and the performances in each location are reliant on volunteers, who may spend the day teaching school, working in a local store, farming, or doing other volunteer work. As such, OSAC acts as the liaison between the artist and the local arts council and all of the contracting, routing, etc., will come through the OSAC office. OSAC strongly suggests that the price you submit include all possible costs including travel, tech, and accommodations as a way to ease the workload on the volunteer base. Finding mics or a PA in a town of 1000 people can prove tricky. Although we understand it can be difficult to budget 18 months out, it is important that the price you submit is one our volunteers can rely on as they are also budgeting using long timelines. Here are a few things to keep in mind when putting your price together:

Fuel: Budget for 1 tank per day. OSAC strives to keep drives to 3 hours or less.

Meals: Budget $25.00 - $35.00 per person per day. Many of the Arts Councils will invite artists to a reception afterward or even provide a meal but not all have the ability to do so. The small town Prairie hospitality is legendary for a reason and you will not go hungry, but a meal in the local café will not break the bank.

Hotels: Double rooms are seldom more than $130.00 a night. OSAC will send touring artists an accommodation guide to help you find decent places to stay. There are also a number of B&B’s throughout the province if you prefer.

Production: As mentioned earlier, these are small communities, presenting in venues with limited technical capabilities. Renting gear is difficult and often intimidating for the local volunteers who are arts supporters not techs. The venues range in size from 300 – 600 (with a few exceptions on both ends) and OSAC advises that you contact a local sound company to get the cost of what you need. These are all “concert settings” where too much volume is usually more of an issue than not enough! OSAC has a price list provided by a recommended supplier to give you an idea on gear rental costs. Please contact the Performing Arts Coordinator for more information. You will also need to decide if you can run the sound from the stage or if you will need to bring someone with you as a sound person. Budget accordingly.

OSAC Fee: OSAC charges a booking fee of 5% per booked show to a maximum of $150 plus GST.

Does following these guidelines guarantee an OSAC tour? NO! However, an all-inclusive price is one of the most important criteria that the Arts Councils consider when selecting performers for the upcoming season so it is something we strongly recommend.

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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

No incomplete applications will be considered and payment must be received by midnight May 5, 2020.

Submission of this form constitutes acceptance and acknowledgment of the following Terms & Conditions of applying for and accepting a juried showcase slot.

This application does not represent a commitment by The Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils to provide a showcase.

If selected to showcase:

Successful applicants will be notified by June 30th, 2020.
• All showcasing performers are required to register for Showcase 2020 and be represented in the Exhibitor Exchange/Contact Room. A full registration including meals and Exhibitor Exchange/Contact Room table is approx $350. Registered performers must supply a representative (agent, manager, or otherwise) during all open Exhibitor Exchange/Contact Room hours.

• Bookings that result from Showcase 2020 will be scheduled in the 2021/2022 season (between Sept 15, 2021, and May 15, 2022).

• Showcases are 20 minutes long and must represent what is being offered on tour.

Note: All selected showcase artists must register in the Performing Artist Directory on the OSAC website. You can sign up to be a member and enter your information here. Non-selected artists can also submit a price list at no charge as there is no fee for listing in the directory.

OSAC assumes no responsibility for costs associated with showcasing.
OSAC reserves the right to use showcasing artists' submitted images and content for the promotion of OSAC and OSAC Showcase 2020.
If a selected act is unable to appear, no substitutions will be permitted for its showcase performance. The showcase jury will establish a list of alternates from the original applications using the same criteria as used for choosing showcasing artists. Therefore, cancellation of an act by an agent or promoter does not guarantee that the agent/promoter will have the opportunity to fill the vacant showcase.
Any changes to the showcase, with the exception of chosen repertoire, must be pre-approved as this is one of the jury's considerations in making the final selections.
All fees are non-refundable.

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