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Family Showcase at APAP

📅 When:

Where: New York, NY, USA

💼 Organizer: C Squared Entertainment, Dandelion Artists, KDT Arts Consulting, Bailiwick Booking Agency

💲 Application Fee: $85.00 USD

Deadline: (Passed)


Contact Info


Kathleen Toner


412 West 42nd St,
New York, NY
United States 10036

The Youth and Family Showcase at APAP is a curated collection of the best family friendly productions touring today. Each showcasing artists is evaluated on their individual quality and how they fit into the showcase as a whole. Presenters experience each showcase as it was meant to be, with kids in the audience.

Conference Overview

The Youth and Family Showcase began in 2015 by presenters, agents, managers, and artists wanting to create an atmosphere for family friendly artists to showcase their best yearly at APAP in New York City. This showcase always takes place off-site so kids can be in the audience!

Morning beverages and snacks are provided for the presenters. Over 160 presenters attended the Youth and Family Showcase in 2019.

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Showcase Provisions

All showcases will take place at Theatre Row in the Theatre Five in New York City. 410 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036 (off 9th Ave)

15 minute Performance Showcase slots
***15 minute slots start at 9:00am each morning and end prior to exhibit hall hours. There is a 5 minutes changeover in-between each showcase to remove one showcase and load-in the next.

General Specifications:

Approximate Playing Space: 28’ wide × 16’ deep
Stage: 3/4" plywood with 1/4" masonite on modular platform floor legged at 18"
Grid Height: 21' from the deck

Lighting will include:

A basic light plot
* General Warm Wash
* General Cool Wash
* Back Light - Blue
* Back Light - Red
* Back Light - Amber
* Special - DS / SL
* Special - DS / C
* Special - DS / SR

You will be able to program up to 10 cues in your 10 minutes of allotted tech time the day of your showcase. A lighting technician will be included.

Sound will include:

* 5 wired mics on stands that can be used for individual performers or as area mics.
* 2 wired mics on boom stands for area mics.
* DI for Keyboard
* DI for Computer (Booth)
* DI for Computer (Stage)
* 2 wedge monitors downstage

In addition to the items listed above, you have the opportunity to request additional items at an extra cost.

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Showcase Criteria

Only artists that are performing works for young audiences will be considered. The artist, or artist's agent/manager, must be exhibiting at APAP 2020. All showcase applicants must be tour ready. You will automatically be considered for a speed-pitch slot if you are not selected for a showcase.

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Terms & Conditions

An application does not guarantee a showcase or speed-pitch slot. No refunds on application or showcase fee.

Showcase fee: $1,550 per 15 minute performance slot
Speed pitch fee: $250 per 2 minute slot

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