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2020 OAPN Block Booking Conference

📅 When:

Where: Cleveland, OH, USA

💼 Organizer: Ohio Arts Professionals Network

💲 Application Fee: $0.00 USD

Deadline: (11:59 pm ET)

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Jessica Rosenblatt


PO Box 10606,
Columbus, OH
United States 43201

PLEASE NOTE: You must be a current member of OAPN to apply to showcase. To sign up for membership (or renew), please visit http://oapn.org/registration.html

The 2020 OAPN Block Booking Conference offers 24 juried showcase spots. Our annual conference serves as a productive, affordable marketplace for arts and entertainment booking, as well as a valuable forum for networking and professional development. We provide a friendly, intimate setting to meet and develop business relationships with performing arts colleagues from Ohio and beyond!

We invite performers of all backgrounds, genres and locations to apply to showcase at the conference. Applications are reviewed by a diverse group of panelists May-June, and results will be available in mid July. Chosen artists have a 30 minute tech time and a 12-minute showcase with five minutes to load onto the stage and five minutes to load off.

NOTE: Ohio Arts Professionals Network does not advocate, support, or practice unlawful discrimination based on age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, disability, race, size, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic background.

Conference Overview

Please read the following notes carefully!

Artists or their booking agency representatives must be members for the 2020-21 fiscal year in order to apply to showcase. If you need to renew your membership, or join OAPN, please visit http://oapn.org/membership/register-to-become-a-member.html and complete your renewal or sign up.

All fees are nonrefundable.

NOTE: Please reserve all three days of the conference on your calendar. It is possible that you will need to tech the day before your showcase.

Showcasing Artist Eligibility
All performing artists, companies and organizations are encouraged to apply. OAPN welcomes applicants from all backgrounds including genre, origin and experience.

Artist who have showcased at the last OAPN conference (2018) are not eligible to showcase at this conference. Artists who have showcased in the past up through 2016 may apply again for this (2020) showcase.*
*Exception to the rule: artists whose offerings are distinctly different from those they have showcased in the past will be allowed to apply to showcase in the years immediately following. This exception is subject to conference committee approval. Again, please contact OAPN at info@oapn.org.

Obligations of Showcasing Artists
Showcasing Artists (or management) must:

  • Be an artist or management member in good standing with OAPN for the 2020-21 fiscal year (from $75-$250, based on individual’s criteria)
  • Pay application fee per showcase application ($60)

If selected to showcase, showcasing artist (or management) must:

  • Register at least one representative for the entire conference ($325)
  • Pay for and staff exhibit space (from $200-$250, based on size of space)
  • Pay showcase tech fee ($350) Note: This should not be paid until you are notified of the selection results.

Showcase Cancellation Policy
The showcase selection committee will select five alternates listed in order of preference. Should a showcasing artist cancel the showcase, alternates will be contacted, in the pre-determined order. This process will be followed regardless of genre and showcase order. The alternate will fill the same time slot in the same showcase as the artist(s) they are replacing. Full payment of the showcase fee must be paid within 48 hours. As long as it is possible for alternates to get to the showcase site in time for the sound check, up to five cancelled showcase slots will be filled. If more than five cancellations occur, additional vacancies will not be filled.

The steps of the showcase selection process…

  1. Once the showcase artist application deadline has passed, all applications and materials will be prepared for the showcase selection committee meeting that will be held in May-June. The meeting is closed and the panelists' names are kept anonymous.
  2. All showcase artist applicants will be informed of the decision of the showcase selection committee by early July.
  3. If accepted, applicants are to fill out a commitment letter and submit the showcase tech fee by the specified deadline in the letter.
  4. If an artist is chosen as an “alternate,” applicants are to fill out and submit a commitment letter. Submitting the showcase tech fee is not required at that time.
  5. Accepted applicants will be contacted by the Production Manager to gather all final details to prepare the showcase and tech schedule. These schedules will be released by early August, 2020.

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Showcase Provisions

Sound - wired mics, stands and cabling; up to 4 monitors/mixes; lighting - warm and cool washes will be provided. Video screens and projectors will incur additional tech expense. Backline that will be provided: Grand Piano, Drum Kit, Guitar amp (2), Bass amp (2). Any other specialty items must be supplied by the artist at the artist's expense. Please contact OAPN with any specific questions at or info@oapn.org.

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Showcase Criteria

Applications are evaluated according to artistic quality and readiness to tour. NOTE: All applications must include a work sample showing past performance(s). Applicants are strongly encouraged to include audience interaction in work samples.

Required Support Materials For All Applicants
Electronic materials are required by the selection committee:

  • Electronic Photo-high res
  • Technical rider or Stage Plot for the 15 minute showcase
  • Biographical materials
  • Video link marked with the section that you would like the panel to listen to/view. Panelists will view approximately 3 minutes of work. Please make sure your sample reflects artistic quality and audience interaction.

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Terms & Conditions

You must be a member of OAPN to apply to showcase.

If you are an agent, please fill out an application for each showcasing act. NOTE: There is no limit to the number of showcase applications a single Management/Booking agency can submit. The number of artists from a single agency, given a showcase slot is at the discretion of the selection committee. It is the commitment of the selection committee to provide quality showcases for the conference and to be cognizant of giving opportunities to as many agencies as is warranted.

Please keep a copy of your e-mail confirmation of this application for your records. OAPN reserves the right to reject incomplete applications. NOTE: All fees paid are nonrefundable. It is NOT required that you register for the conference/purchase exhibit hall space in order to APPLY to showcase.

Ohio Arts Professionals Network does not assume any responsibility for member artists infringing on other artists' copyrighted material. Artists applying to showcase assume all responsibility in regards to copyrights, and ensure they either own rights or have obtained proper licenses to the material they are presenting for showcase consideration.

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