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2017 OAPN 30th Annual Showcase Confernce at The Renaissance Theatre

📅 When:

Where: Mansfield, OH, USA

💼 Organizer: Ohio Arts Presenters Network (OAPN)

💲 Application Fee: $50.00 USD
(Application Fee subject to 7.5% tax)

Deadline: (Passed)


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Josh Coy


P.O. Box 10606,
Columbus, OH
United States 43201



The 30th Annual OAPN Showcase Conference offers up to 40 juried showcase spots, an affordable marketplace for arts and entertainment booking, and a wonderful setting to meet and develop business relationships with performing arts colleagues from Ohio and beyond.

This year the OAPN conference will take place at the historic Renaissance Theatre at 148 Park Ave West Mansfield, OH 44902.
The Conference preferred hotel accommodations are the Mansfield Holiday Inn, located directly next to the theatre.

Performers of all backgrounds, genres, and locations may apply to showcase from March 1, 2017 to April 15, 2017.
Applications are reviewed by an OAPN selection panel (comprised of member presenters) on May 1, 2017 and chosen primarily based on artistic merit.
Performers selected will be notified on May 3,2017.

Conference Overview

The 30th Annual OAPN Conference will take place from October 16-18, 2017 at the Renaissance Theatre in Mansfield, OH.

There will be four total showcase blocks of approximately 7-10 performances each on the first two days of the conference.
One of the four showcase blocks is reserved for Young Audience/Family Programming.

Block booking will be encouraged and facilitated by OAPN staff and Board with a final Block booking meeting on Weds morning.
OAPN has invested in a new website that will also facilitate online block booking discussion for presenters during and after the conference and will include any presenter members of OAPN, including those not able to attend.

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Showcase Provisions

Performing showcase artists have a scheduled 30 minute tech time and a 12 minute showcase with five minutes to load onto the stage and five minutes to load off. For fairness, all performers are provided a timer on stage (that only they can see) and production is cut at exactly the 12min mark.
If you fail to show for your tech time, the Production Manager has the right to forfeit your showcase time to an alternate.

- wired mics, stands and cabling; up to 4 monitors/mixes; lighting
- warm and cool washes.
Wireless mics may be available, but limited – artists are encouraged to provide their own.

Video screens and projector will be provided.
Any multimedia files must be provided to the Production Manager by specified dates TBD.

Artists may not use multi media in place of their performance.
Projected media is meant for either informational purposes or to supplement your performance.
Be aware that presenters want to see your performance live, as opposed to a video that may already be available online.
The Production Manager has the right to refuse media that is in opposition to this policy

Any other specialty items and back line must be supplied by the artist or will incur additional tech expense.
Please contact OAPN with any specific questions at 614.299.0221 or josh@oapn.org.

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Showcase Criteria

Artist or Artist's Authorized Representative must be a current member of OAPN to apply to showcase.
All performing artists, companies, agencies, and organizations that are OAPN members in good standing are encouraged to apply.

OAPN welcomes applicants from all backgrounds including genre, origin, and experience.
Applications are evaluated according to artistic quality and readiness to tour.

-If you are an agent, please fill out one full application for each showcasing act.
-OAPN reserves the right to reject any incomplete applications.
-There is no limit to the number of showcase applications a single Management/Booking agency can submit. However, no more than two artists/companies from a single management agency will be awarded showcasing opportunities.

-OAPN member Artist or Representative submitting to showcase under that status, must maintain that representative status if selected to showcase.
The application by an artist's agency remains with the agency and the application for an independent artist remains with that artist, regardless of changes in representation status after acceptance of a showcase opportunity.
Applicants are expected to maintain an exhibit booth and the primary booking contact based upon their representation status at time of acceptance.

Artists may showcase on an every other year basis.
-Artists chosen to showcase this year (2017) will be ineligible to apply again until 2019.
-If you showcased in 2015, you are eligible to apply to showcase in 2017.

If you were chosen as an alternate in 2016, but did not showcase at the conference, you are eligible to apply to showcase in 2017.
If you were chosen to showcase in 2016, but had to cancel for valid reasons and with reasonable prior notice, you are eligible to apply in 2017.
If you have any questions about your eligibility, please contact OAPN at 614.299.0221 or josh@oapn.org.

*Exception to the rule: artists whose offerings are distinctly different from those they have showcased in the past will be allowed to apply to showcase in the years immediately following. This exception is subject to conference committee approval. Again, please contact OAPN with any questions.

Required Support Materials For All Applicants
All applications must include a work sample showing past performance(s) and are strongly encouraged to include audience interaction in work samples.

Electronic materials are HIGHLY preferred by the selection committee:
-Photos (high resolution, if available)
-Technical rider or requirements for the 12 minute showcase
-Biographical materials
-Educational supplements, if applicable
-Video link marked with the section that you would like the panel to listen to/view (i.e. "begin sample at 2:35 mark")
(Panelists will view approximately 3 minutes of work, please make sure your sample reflects artistic quality and audience interaction.)

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Terms & Conditions

The steps of the showcase selection process:

Once the showcase artist application deadline has passed, all applications and materials will be prepared for the showcase selection committee meeting that will be held May 1, 2017. (The meeting is closed and the panelists' names are kept anonymous.)

All showcase artist applicants will be informed of the decision of the showcase selection committee by May 3, 2017.
If accepted, applicants are to fill out a commitment letter and submit the necessary deposit fee by the specified deadline in the letter.
Included in the materials required to accept showcase selection will be an up to 150 word biography to be included in the OAPN program and final performance fees. Its is strongly recommended that block booking pricing be included in these fees.

If chosen to showcase, all performers must agree to utilize OAPN Production Management for all aspects of their performance and tech.
-Artist's personal sound engineers or managers may provide helpful advice on production needs during tech, but not take over operation of any production equipment at any time or hinder OAPN staff, and must agree to abide by the decisions made by OAPN Production Manager.
-In the event of any issue, concerns should be addressed to the OAPN Executive Director.
-Accepted applicants will be contacted by the Production Manager to gather all final details to prepare the showcase and tech schedule. These schedules will be released by August.
-If selected, please reserve all three days of the conference on your calendar until the final showcase and tech schedule has been released. It is possible that you will need to tech the day before your showcase. You may also have the option to tech on the Sunday prior, at the Production Manager's discretion.

It is NOT required that you register for the conference/purchase exhibit hall space in order to APPLY to showcase.
However, if accepted, selected artists (or their agents) will be required to pay a down payment of $300 (and return all requested materials and necessary signed documents) by the decline for acceptance of 6pm May 30, 2017.
The remaining balance (depending on the total fees required) will them be due by 6pm June 30, 2017.

Current typical showcase fees (assuming no technical or equipment requirements beyond the already prescribed provisions) are:
-$275 Registration ("early bird" pricing). One member of an independent performing artist's group or one artist's agent must be registered for the conference.
-$150 Exhibit Hall booth. All Showcasing artists (or there agents) MUST purchase a booth and be present during available times. Half booths may be available at a limited basis for a reduced price of $100. Booth electric hookup is an extra cost, price TBD.
-$250 Showcase technical fee. Please note that this fee is PER artist, and only covers approximately half the cost of OAPN's showcase production. OAPN is committed to keeping costs as low as possible for showcasing artists, while providing high quality production management, and works to subsidize the cost of production through other means.

Therefore, total approximate typical costs for one showcasing artist, group, or agency would be $675.
In this scenario, $300 would be due May 30, 2017, and $375 by June 30, 2017.
You may pay in full at any time prior to the deadline.
All fees paid are nonrefundable.

All application and showcase fees are non-refundable.

Artists is chosen as alternates are to fill out and submit a commitment letter.
Payment of fees is not required for alternates, unless ultimately are chosen to showcase.

In the event of a cancellations, the showcase selection committee will select alternates listed in a predetermined order of preference (with additional alternates considered separately for the Young Adult and Family Showcase).
-Alternates will fill the same time slot in the same showcase as the artist(s) they are replacing.
-Full payment of the showcase fee must be paid within 5 business days.
-As long as it is possible for alternates to get to the showcase site in time for the sound check, up to five cancelled showcase slots will be filled.
-If more than five cancellations occur, additional vacancies will not be filled.

Ohio Arts Presenters Network reserves the right to use any of the photos and videos supplied in the application process, or afterward, by the applicants to promote the conference.
-Use may include, but is not limited to, newsletters, promotional materials (any media), and website usage.
-This media may be used for up to one year from application date, and serves as an additional means of marketing for artists.
Media (particularly photos) that will continued to be used on the OAPN website following the conference will be based on composition, movement, and quality. Please see the OAPN website for examples.

Ohio Arts Presenters Network may request that adult language or behavior be modified for your showcase if you are selected to perform for the Young Adult and Family Showcase, or showcases open to young audiences. If this is the case, a showcase opportunity will be offered on a provisional basis that reasonable accommodations can be made by the artist(s).
We recognize that subject matter may be for appropriate for a teenage/young adult audience, but OAPN showcase audiences may include elementary aged students. We respect all artist's rights to not adjust their performance in these cases, and are committed to working on a case by case basis to ensure every effort is made to produce the highest quality performance for the given situation and audience.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the policy, please feel free to contact us prior to applying.

Ohio Arts Presenters Network does not assume any responsibility for member artists infringing on other artist's copyrighted material.
Artists applying to showcase assume all responsibility in regards to copyrights, and ensure they either own rights or have obtained proper licenses to the material they are presenting for showcase consideration.

Ohio Arts Presenters Network does not advocate, support, or practice unlawful discrimination based on age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, disability, race, size, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic background.

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