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2016 Western Arts Alliance Annual Conference

📅 When:

Where: Los Angeles, CA, USA

💼 Organizer: Western Arts Alliance

💲 Application Fee: $85.00 USD

Deadline: (Passed)


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Tiffany Davis


715 SW Morrison Street, Suite 600,
Portland, OR
United States 97205-3102



Western Arts Alliance convenes nearly 800 presenters, artists, and agents around the shared goal of programming live performances. The conference features 200 exhibits, 170+ performances, networking, speakers, classes and workshops. WAA's Commons combines exhibit, meeting, and hospitality activities in one compact space. Join our community of dedicated professionals in Seattle for four productive days of artistic exploration, insight, and business.

Conference Overview

2016 Western Arts Alliance Annual Conference
Explore. Discover. Connect.

From established artists to emerging talent, access artists in every discipline to fit your programming needs and budget. Expand your artistic programming expertise and technical knowledge through our Professional Development courses, in-conference workshops, roundtables, and conversations with peers. Between WAA's Independent and Juried Showcase programs, WAA offers more than 170 performances from a range of disciplines and aesthetics.

Artists, Managers, and Agents
Share your or your artists' work with more than 200 presenting organizations based in the West. Introduce a project to a room full of Presenters during our fast-moving Speed Leads, or enjoy great social and professional networking over local cuisine on a Dine-Around. Broaden your range of practical skills to help plan and achieve effective tours during our Professional Development Institute. Performing artists will find opportunities for stimulating discussions about art and ideas with other artists, agents, and presenters.

WAA Juried Showcase
Western Arts Alliance (WAA) uses a peer jury to select artists for the official showcases presented at the annual conference. The jury is composed of five presenters and two agents/managers from a broad range of disciplines and aesthetics. No more than two WAA board members serve on the jury. The jury may select a maximum of seven artists to showcase in 2016.

On Wednesday, August 31, WAA will operate a two hour and thirty minute (2.5 hour) showcase at The Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater (REDCAT). The Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater (REDCAT) is an interdisciplinary contemporary arts center for innovative visual, performing and media arts located in downtown Los Angeles inside the Walt Disney Concert Hall complex. A 200-seat black box theater, REDCAT is an intimate venue with a 40’ W x 30’ D stage fully equipped for dance, theater and music. A Marley surface will be laid down for dance performances. The house lighting plot will be utilized and a full sound system will be available. Located at 631 West 2nd Street in Los Angeles, REDCAT is less than 1.5 miles from WAA’s Host Hotel, the JW Marriott. WAA will provide shuttle service between the hotel and REDCAT.

Each showcase will be fifteen minutes in duration with a five-minute turnover. Therefore, please keep in mind that this is a brief showcase and not a full performance. The showcase production staff will do their best to meet your needs, but may not be able to accommodate all of the requirements in your standard tech rider.

Schedule: Wednesday, August 31: 4:30 – 7:00 pm (time is subject to change)
Application Fee: $85 (The application fee is not refundable)
Showcase Fee: $750

*If you are selected for a Juried Showcase, your application fee will be applied to the showcase fee.

To Apply:
Applications and fees must be received at the WAA office by Friday, April 1, 2016. The jury will not consider incomplete applications, especially those submitted without supporting artistic evidence. If you have questions regarding the application process please see WAA's Juried Showcase FAQ.

Download the application checklist

The application package must include the following:

  • Completed online application form. We no longer accept paper/hard copy applications.
  • Artist Statement, maximum 750 characters.
  • Touring Itinerary, including date, location, presenting organization, and presenter contact information. This itinerary does not have to be comprehensive, but should include a minimum of three engagements within the last twelve months.
  • A stage plot and technical rider specific to the proposed Juried Showcase.
  • Current Artist Bio / EPK. Include production photos, brochures, feature articles, and at least one review (in English) published within the last year including the name of publication and date OR a testimonial letter from a presenter that speaks to the artistic quality of the work in performance.
  • One high-resolution digital photo. Upload file as artist’s name_org_name. Include in the application or EPK the name of the artist and piece photographed, and the representing agency and crediting photographer where applicable. 8 MB max, jpeg only.
  • Audio and/or video samples of a live performance featuring current works that you will tour.* Do not submit promotional video and do not include on-screen titles of the artist’s or company’s name. * WAA will accept hard copy DVDs or CDs in lieu of, or in addition to, online samples. Each submission should be labeled with the name of the work, performing artist(s), and date of recording. Mail or express deliver the disks to Western Arts Alliance, Attn: Juried Showcase, 715 SW Morrison Suite 600, Portland, OR 97205.
  • $85 Application Fee

Eligibility Requirements
Membership with Western Arts Alliance is not required to apply for a Juried Showcase, however if selected, the artist(s) or their manager must be a current WAA member registered for the WAA Conference by July 1, 2016.

Applicants must produce evidence of at least two years touring experience.

Application Process
Complete the application form in its entirety and submit all required materials; incomplete applications will not be reviewed by the panel.

WAA expects the showcase jury will review approximately 150 applications. Please give careful consideration to your artistic samples—first impressions are very important! The jury will not consider promotional videos, TV news features, etc. as part of artistic assessment.

If you submit a DVD, program chapters on the disk so the jury can jump from one piece to the next. Do not include on-screen titles of the artist’s or company’s name. If you are submitting a CD/DVD that you've made yourself, be sure to test it.

Less is more. The jury likes to see/hear a variety of work from each artist. However, you are best served by capturing a range of your best work on a single video and/or audio disk. It is unlikely the jury will spend more than three minutes listening to or watching your sample(s).

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Showcase Provisions

The showcase fee includes tech rehearsal, basic technical equipment, rhythm section backline, piano (if applicable), and stage labor. Special equipment or backline will be available at an additional rental cost. Details will be outlined in materials sent to the selected artists.

The showcase fee also includes two complimentary One-Day Artist Passes to attend the conference, as well as a complimentary listing and showcase description in the WAA Conference Guide and on the WAA Conference Website.

General Information
REDCAT will be open to WAA conference attendees and the public.
Due to time constraints, equipment, sets or props used must be set up and struck within 5 minutes.

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Showcase Criteria

Artistic Excellence—the quality of the artists, ensemble or organization, and work.
Artistic Merit—the potential impact on the artistic and/or cultural heritage of the West or of the field.
Demonstrated Ability to Tour—evidenced by the touring résumé, tech rider, and press kit.

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Terms & Conditions

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

This application does not represent a commitment by Western Arts Alliance to showcase the applicant.

All fees are non-refundable.

If selected, the following conditions and limitations will apply:

  1. All showcasing artists must be represented by an exhibitor or agency registered for the WAA conference.
  2. The time restriction will be strictly enforced; if time is exceeded, WAA will end the performance by lowering the lights, sound, and/or curtain.
  3. Generally, no more than two artists from a single management will be approved.
  4. Artists selected for last year’s Juried Showcase may not apply for a second consecutive year.

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