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Performing Arts Exchange 2019

📅 When:

Where: Orlando, FL, USA

💼 Organizer: South Arts

💲 Application Fee: $90.00 USD

Deadline: (Passed)


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Ethan Messere


1800 Peachtree Street, NW, Suite 808
Atlanta, GA
United States 30309


404.874.7244 ext. 11

The Performing Arts Exchange, or PAE, is an annual performing arts booking, showcasing and professional development conference, managed by South Arts and hosted by a different eastern city each year. PAE is the primary marketplace and forum for performing arts presenting and touring – artists and work, ideas, learning and information – in the eastern US. Our purpose is to connect artists with audiences by fostering excellence in all aspects of presenting and touring the performing arts.

The 2019 Performing Arts Exchange will take place from September 23-26 at the Caribe Royale in Orlando, FL.

Conference Overview

For full application guidelines, click here.

Applications will be disqualified if incomplete as of 11:59pm ET on March 26, 2019.

Applicant categories: Applicants must choose to apply in one of the following categories: Music, Dance, Theatre, Variety, Family/Young Audience. After that, applicants may choose a subgenre to further describe the work. Artists may not submit more than one application. No more than two juried showcase opportunities will be awarded per agent/management agency.

Panelists want to see professional materials and websites. Websites and materials should be informative and easily provide tools that presenters may need.

Panelists are looking for high quality video work samples. Video work samples should be of professional quality, high definition, and of recent work—preferably of the actual showcase to be performed. Videos with an upload date before April 2016 will not be considered. Promotional videos/montages do not provide the panel with enough information and will result in a lower judging score or may be withheld from the panel altogether. Do not send work samples that include guest artists or other performers who are not members of the group that will be performing in the showcase and touring the work.

Technical Rider: A standard technical rider should include stage floor type, minimum stage size, stage plot, lighting requirements, audio visual needs, backline, sound system and rags.

Application System: I Want To Showcase can auto-fill large portions of a current application from prior applications. However, make sure all information is indicative of the specific showcase for which you are applying.

Proof-read; really, seriously, we mean it: An application without spelling or grammatical errors is indicative of professionalism.

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Showcase Provisions

Juried Showcases are on Tuesday, September 24, and Wednesday, September 25, after the Marketplace closes. They will take place on-site at the Caribe Royale Orlando. Juried Showcase time slots are 15 minutes in length with a five-minute changeover between artists. A 30-minute tech check will be scheduled on the day of the performance.

South Arts provides basic technical support and a reasonable backline for the performance. This includes lighting and sound packages appropriate for a festival format. Projection will not be provided unless it’s an essential component to the artist showcase. A 5-piece drum kit, a keyboard or grand piano will be available upon request. All artists are expected to use the same lighting plot. As part of the application process, artists are required to submit a standard technical rider and if selected, will discuss details with our production manager. Artists may be asked to adjust their technical needs prior to being offered a showcase contract. Only technical engineers provided by South Arts may operate equipment during the Juried Showcase.

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Showcase Criteria

Artists are judged on two sets of criteria: Artistic Merit (80% of the score) and Demonstrated Readiness for Touring (20% of the score). These criteria are based upon the indicators listed below.

Artistic Merit:

  • Technique
  • Interpretation
  • Stage Energy/Presence
  • Originality, if applicable

Demonstrated Readiness for Touring:

  • Web Presence
  • Promotional materials
  • Tech Information
  • Video Quality
  • Adaptability
  • Educational Materials (optional)
  • Written Statements

There is a pre-screening process to eliminate applications that don't meet set standards, guidelines and minimum requirements. Once past this pre-screening, the artist's application and supplemental materials are reviewed by an expert three-member panel with at least five years' experience in presenting, touring or serving the genre of performance they are adjudicating. Highest scores advance to the final nine-person panel for a second review and the final recommendation of those artists who will be offered a Juried Showcase opportunity.

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Terms & Conditions

Artists who were selected for Juried Showcases for PAE 2017 and PAE 2018 are not eligible for a Juried Showcase in 2019 but are welcome to produce an Independent Showcase. All artists must be properly registered with a booth or an agency registration for PAE 2019.

The contract fee of $800 covers the basic tech costs of the showcase and must be returned with the signed showcase contract by July 2019.

Note that professional photography is not allowed at the Juried Showcase without press credentials. However, artists are permitted to bring a photographer to the technical rehearsal.

In addition to being given the opportunity to perform, Juried Showcase artists will be highlighted in the conference program and on conference signage at the showcase venue.

Artists will be given one complimentary Artist Pass to admit one performer to the Marketplace for a single day. Passes for additional artists and/or additional days may be purchased on-site at the Registration Desk for $75. This pass will also admit the artist into artist-specific professional development sessions, but does admit the artist to any other conference activity or event.

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